About Us.

Bombata was founded in Italy in 2009 and to further expand Bombata growth to the Americas, Bombata USA was opened in 2013. Bombata USA visual identity and collections are inspired by the famous Italian designer Fabio Guidoni.The talented creator has already worked for some of the best brands worldwide either in the fashion or home decoration industry.

Today our company is directly responsible for manufacturing and distributing, either directly or through international partners, to over one hundred countries on four continents.

Bombata is a colorful collection of briefcases, laptop and tablet cases.
Bombata Collection was born from the idea to revisit a product generally considered to be too serious and updated in a fashion and fun manner. The result is a functional and original case with great value for money.

It is a versatile collection that will be at home in a variety of stores whether it is for its playfulness, its style, its functionality or its prestige. We already list amongst our clientele the most prestigious boutiques and hi-end departments stores.Bombata shows its collection in the most famous international trade shows worldwide.
Our Collection is in continuous development to keep up with an ever changing electronic market to ensure that our designs are always up to date.

Typically laptop bags and briefcases are solely functional and unexciting. Infusing fun, fashion and exclusive flair, the Bombata Collection marries designer Fabio Guidoni’s technical expertise with his fashion sensibilities. Armed with a technical – mechanical design degree, this fashion protégée brings in the swagger to a mundane product.